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The KWIKPFYT Heat Shields are designed to protect your brushes from melting due to rear exhaust found on many Trucks & SUV’s.

While your flat stainless steel panels face your tow (boat or camper) when mounted, the Heat Shield Panels will face your exhaust when installed.

Simply slide the curved upper heat shield panel edge along with one brush per side facing your exhaust system in the exhaust facing channel.

Both Heat Shield and brush should mount flush with the end of outer edge of the KWIK PFYT bar. As does the tow facing (towards the boat or camper) brush and Stainless Steel panel.

The pair of shields you receive will block the exhaust and provide an air gap between the exhaust gasses and the brushes. Make sure the heat shield air gap is positioned behind your tailpipe. Use both Heat Shields even if there is only one exhaust pipe will assist the system to remain level as does ensuring the gold bolts are tight.